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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio v16.0.0B.033 Beta

x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 1.48 GB

DaVinci Resolve 16 is the world's only solution that combines professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all in one software tool! You can instantly move between editing, color, effects, and audio with a single click. DaVinci Resolve Studio is also the only solution designed for multi user collaboration so editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers can all work live on the same project at the same time! Whether you're an individual artist, or part of a large collaborative team, it's easy to see why DaVinci Resolve is the standard for high end post production and finishing on more Hollywood feature films, television shows and commercials than any other software.

DaVinci Resolve 16 features a revolutionary new cut page specifically designed for editors that need to work quickly and on tight deadlines! The new DaVinci Neural Engine uses machine learning to enable powerful new features such as facial recognition, speed warp and more. Adjustment clips let you apply effects and grades to clips on the timeline below, quick export can be used to upload projects to YouTube and Vimeo from anywhere in the application, and new GPU accelerated scopes provide more technical monitoring options than before. Plus, Fusion is dramatically faster and Fairlight adds immersive 3D audio. DaVinci Resolve 16 is a massive release with hundreds of features customers have asked for!

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10 Creators Update
Memory:16 GB of system memory is recommended and 32 GB is recommended minimum when using Fusion
Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 10.4.1 or later
GPU:NVIDIA/AMD/Intel GPU Driver version - As required by your GPU
RED Rocket-X Driver and Firmware or later
RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or laterWhats New:What's New in DaVinci Resolve 16.0b4:
-Support for copying and pasting clips and edits across timelines and projects at different frame rates
-Support for a moving playhead option in the Cut page
-Support for adding crossfades to clips on the Fairlight page
-Support for applying presets to Fairlight buses for equalizer, dynamics, plugins and channel setup
-Support for Fairlight PCIe Audio Accelerator drivers on macOS
-Support for tagging the video monitoring signal with Rec.2020 color space information based on the output color space
-Support for copying and pasting nodes with the Blackmagic Design Advanced panels using the first two keys under the left-most trackball
-Support for toggling between rectified and non-rectified waveforms for audio clips in Media Storage and Media Pool
-Support for using the R key shortcut to access the change clip speed controls on Cut and Edit pages
-Support for using the A key shortcut to auto color the selected clip in the Cut, Edit and Color pages
-Support for displaying line and rectangle annotations from Frame.io markers as viewer overlays
-Improved stabilization behavior for clips with rotation specified in clip attributes
-Improved timeline render caching behavior to include output Super Scale settings
-Improved YouTube render settings with the ability to specify description, visibility and category
-Improved AVI support with ability to decode BGRA clips
-Improved handling of edit sizing in new projects with edit sizing applied to clips after Fusion effects

Issues addressed in DaVinci Resolve 16.0b4:
-Addressed multiple issues with handling images with alpha channels in ACES and Resolve color management workflows
-Addressed an issue where rendering individual clips at source resolution would not work correctly
-Addressed an issue with connecting to shared PostgreSQL databases using Project Server access key files if the server had multiple local network connections
-Addressed an issue where upgrading to DaVinci Resolve 16 would not update the Blackmagic Design Advanced panels firmware correctly on macOS systems
-Addressed an issue where creating new projects with the option to release video I/O hardware when not in focus enabled would sometimes cause a crash
-Addressed an issue where the order of nested scripting folders would not be reflected correctly in the application menu

-Addressed an issue with rippling audio tracks when moving clips
-Addressed an issue where trimming an adjustment clip would cause a crash
-Addressed an issue where changing the speed for clips would not ripple correctly

-Addressed an issue where entering marker keywords would not behave correctly on Linux systems
-Addressed an issue where opening a smart bin or smart bin folder in a new window would not apply the filter correctly
-Addressed an issue where duplicating a timeline would sometimes create a copy of the nested compound clip
-Addressed an issue where deleting audio tracks in clip attributes would not work correctly
-Addressed an issue where switching multicam angles in the source viewer would sometimes show a black frame
-Addressed an issue where clips from the same camera would sometimes not be detected when creating multicam clips
-Addressed an issue where double-clicking audio on timeline to load to source viewer would sometimes cause a crash
-Addressed an issue where Fusion titles and composition clips added using the Edit viewer overlay would not be initialized correctly
-Addressed an issue with incorrect waveforms when switching between stacked or tabbed timelines
-Addressed an issue where switching between stacked or tabbed timelines would not persist solo track states
-Addressed an issue where changing timeline resolution would not invalidate the render cache
-Addressed an issue with preserving custom timeline monitoring settings across application restarts
-Addressed an issue where timeline monitoring settings set to quad link would sometimes not show 4K and 8K format options
-Addressed an issue where using keyboard shortcuts to add a transition to the end of a timeline would sometimes lead to misaligned transitions
-Addressed an issue where the states for some timeline context menu items would not be displayed correctly
-Addressed an issue were toggling the clip enabled state multiple times would not work correctly in the Edit timeline
-Addressed an issue where normalize audio levels dialog would sometimes get hidden on Linux
-Addressed an issue where enabling dual screen workspace and switching pages would sometimes show a blank mixer in the Edit page
-Addressed an issue where undoing changes would not work correctly when in Cinema mode
-Addressed an issue where enabling OpenFX overlays on the Edit viewer and switching projects would sometimes cause a crash
-Addressed an issue where adding keyframes to OpenFX or ResolveFX on adjustment clips in the Edit timeline would show incorrect results
-Addressed an issue with temporal OpenFX and ResolveFX on the Edit page
-Addressed an issue where changing subtitle line spacing would not work correctly
-Addressed an issue where toggling the track lock state would not refresh the OpenFX settings in the Edit inspector correctly

-Improved performance when selecting a paint tool with multiple strokes
-Addressed an issue where ResolveFX Deflicker would sometimes show incorrect results towards the start and end of the clip
-Addressed an issue where adding temporal effects to comps would sometimes affect the handling of source metadata, including pixel aspect ratio
-Addressed an issue with loading custom masks from EXR files if the base layer contained only an alpha channel
-Addressed an issue where using roto assist in the polygon tool would cause a crash
-Addressed an issue where on-screen polygon viewer controls would sometimes have the transform for the incorrect time applied, causing an offset from the area of effect
-Addressed an issue with the handling of some fonts for Fusion text tools on macOS systems
-Addressed an issue where shift-dragging a crosshair on a path to adjust the time displacement did not work correctly
-Addressed an issue where viewers would briefly show incorrect frames when viewing upstream of a particle system
-Addressed an issue where both viewers would incorrectly be affected when adjusting certain settings, and fail to correctly update their header controls
-Addressed an issue in scripting where globals, such as control handle and modifier states, were not passed to button control script events
-Addressed several issues in the paint tool combine strokes script

-Addressed an issue with data burn overlays showing incorrect duration for timelines with custom frame rates
-Addressed an issue where automatic color trace would not work correctly for timelines with custom frame rates
-Addressed an issue where render cache status would not be refreshed correctly for timelines with custom frame rates
-Addressed an issue where pasting node attributes without keyframes would sometimes not correctly retain other properties in the target node
-Addressed an issue where power windows could be added to or deleted from locked nodes
-Addressed an issue where adding interactive points in the classic stabilizer would not work correctly
-Addressed an issue where ResolveFX Film Grain would not work correctly in Resolve Live mode
-Addressed an issue where the sort order for gallery stills would not be persisted across application restarts
-Addressed an issue where render cached transition frames would not correctly apply Dolby Vision metadata
-Addressed an issue where Dolby Vision xml exports would sometimes have incorrect data in timelines with gaps
-Addressed an issue where simultaneous HDR and SDR monitoring would not work on some timelines

-Addressed an issue with incorrect behavior of AU plugins on macOS systems with the Fairlight PCIe Audio Accelerator
-Addressed an issue where deleting unused tracks in the Fairlight page would sometimes result in loss of playback on the first track
-Addressed an issue where the monitoring mix would sometimes be incorrectly overridden by an active B-chain preset
-Addressed an issue where changing the format in the Bus Format dialog would not correctly reflect the changes until the dialog was reopened
-Addressed an issue where linked audio tracks would become unlinked when switching timelines on Windows and Linux systems
-Addressed an issue with incorrect layout of audio meters and track controls for tracks and buses with large number of channels
-Addressed an issue where the mouse cursor would sometimes alternate between the arrow and the trim cursor when hovering over edit points

Media and Delivery:
-Addressed an issue where broadcast wave file originator reference would not be retained on renders
-Addressed an issue with incorrect initialization of pixel aspect ratios when decoding Panasonic AVC-Intra 50 clips
-Addressed an issue where capturing from tape deck would cause a crash on macOS
-Addressed an issue where audio formats for custom export presets would not be correctly reflected in the Quick Export dialog
-Addressed an issue where HDR metadata would not be embedded correctly when rendering individual clips
-Addressed an issue where deleting an audio track used in deliver page render settings would cause a crash
-Addressed an issue where rendering timelines with transitions on adjustment clips would sometimes cause a crash